Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling

Dr Richard Quilliam is senior lecturer in Environmental Biology, with research interests in water quality and sanitation, environmental pathogen ecology, conflicting ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture & aquaculture, and sustainable disease & waste management.  His work adopts methods and theories from both the natural & social sciences and employs both qualitative & participatory approaches with a significant level of engagement with local communities.

Quilliam_SierraLeone_2016A long and dusty day of fieldwork in Sierra Leone, West Africa (January 2016).

Biological and Environmental Sciences (BES), within the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling, has a strong reputation for research in environmental & ecological sciences and the science that underpins water & food security, and places considerable emphasis on the impact of its research. BES is a leading centre for nationally and internationally excellent field and laboratory based specialist research, and has a unique focus on the relationships between people and the environment. Our findings are used to inform policy makers and practitioners in environmental regulation, planning and management.

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